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Linda Misleh Wagner: Future Former Fatty

Snatch The Humbug Out of Weight Loss: Future Former Fatty Blog 113

It’s time to snatch the humbug out of your weight loss efforts. You have been tormented, haunted, stocked, and tortured by all the holiday goodies around you, and you gave in to every single one of them. Even when you started out having an incredible day, a day where you knew you might actually succeed at your efforts to deny the scintillating confections begging you to succumb to their wicked temptations, you are then stocked by your aunt Gertrude insisting you try her version of fudge because it is so much better than everyone else’s in the family. You don’t want to hurt her feelings so you take one piece only to grab another so she will believe you really liked her fudge that much.

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Afterwards you feel horrible about yourself. The guilt is overwhelming. Your mind is screaming at you that you have no will power, that your priorities are not straight, and that if you really wanted to succeed in your weight loss efforts, then you would say no to every offering put before you.

I know I ask myself all the time, “Why can’t I be one of those people that care more about their body and their health than I care about eating?”

The answer is, “I’m not one of those people.” I love to eat. I love food and everything that goes with food. Not only do I love the taste of food, I love the creativity of food, and the socialization that comes with eating, and the experiment of trying new foods.

Does our love of food mean we are destined to stay fat? No way! There are lots of people who do not have a weight loss issues. They have healthy slender bodies, and they indulge in their favorite foods…occasionally, purposefully, and with their own built in limitations.

Fatties don’t. We want it all, and we want it now, and we cannot just stop at one piece, or one taste. This is the makeup of fatties. With a wanting it now, wanting it all attitude, comes weight loss issues. We are constantly struggling with the ying and the yang of obesity creating us to constantly need to seek out ways to achieve long lasting weight loss.

This time of the year is so easy to give up and to say to heck with it all. I will stay fat. I might hate myself for being fat, but at least I won’t be constantly fighting for permanent weight loss.

“Chicken! Quitter!” Don’t be such a humbug. Fight for the life you want every day! Even if we suck at our efforts to lose weight, by fighting, we are at least

conscience of what we are doing to our body. Keeping with vigilance to keep our awareness at the forefront of our mind will keep us from gaining weight. We will force ourselves into awareness of the consequences of not losing weight and working toward our health. Just because you are not succeeding in your efforts to lose weight does not mean that you will not succeed at weight loss at some point.

Success comes from desire, from hard work, and from awareness of a need that must be reckoned with and addressed. If we address our weight problems every morning, make a fresh commitment to do better, strive to accomplish our goals one day at a time, even one minute at a time, the chances of us finding success in our weight loss efforts will bear to fruition. We may never make it to our ultimate goal, and we may. Regardless, we will be doing better than we were the moment before. No Bah Humbug for our weight loss for us.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, future former fatty.

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