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Linda Misleh Wagner: Future Former Fatty

Future Former Fatty Blog 114: Can Fat Chicks Be Sexy?

Fat chicks can be just as sexy as skinny women! Hush up! I am not delusional! Think about it. Throughout history there have been periods of time when fat women ruled!

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Renoir and Monet painted nude, chubby, heck, downright fat women. Women who were fat were considered beautiful, natural, robust, baby bearers, and in some societies a fat woman was considered successful because it meant she was rich enough to eat. Rich enough to eat meant healthy women who translated to desirable women.

How about famous fat women? There is no one alive who would disagree with me if I said KIrstie Alley is sexy no matter what her size. How about Queen Latifeh and Monique? Hot sexy fat women. Marie Osmond and Jennifer Love Hewitt are gorgeous and sexy thin or fat. Adele can sing like crazy, and she is very sexy. And Winona Judd is a very hot, sexy, and fat babe.

Trisha Yearwood is cooking and not just in the kitchen with Garth Brooks.

What amazes me is how so many societies think if you aren’t skinny you ain’t hot. It’s not true. People are mistaking size as the measurement of sex appeal. Sexiness is a natural part of one. It’s in the way you move, an unspoken message illuminating from your eyes without even trying. Sexiness is an attitude that comes naturally.

Large women, considered a size fourteen and larger, are just as sexy as their skinnier counterparts. It is within the last sixty years that thin was the only “in”. Fashion and media pushed the shift in defining the ideal women. Heck, by today’s media standards women like Marilyn Monroe and Rita Haywood are considered large women. I don’t know about you, but I don’t consider either of those ladies as large women. However, I’d say they are both hot and sexy.

In the recent years past famous women who gained weight were demolished by the media. Tyra Banks, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Jessica Simpson were crucified. The media had the nerve to attack Kim Kardashian for her weight gain during her pregnancy. The woman was pregnant people. Is nothing sacred anymore? If media existed back in Jesus’ time, would the media harass the Virgin Mary for being round yon virgin?

Just for the record, I am not saying being overweight is okay. Health is first and foremost important. I am only saying just because we are fat does not mean we

are not sexy and desirable. Me? I have been thin, and I have been fat. No matter what size I am, I am a very hot sexy desirable woman. As the song goes, “I’m sexy, and I know it!” I will say, I am sexier when I am thin. Simply put, because I can mooove better. My natural strut is more boom shakalaka than waddle shakalaka. As we say in text, LOL!

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty

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