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Linda Misleh Wagner: Future Former Fatty

Future Former Fatty Blog 111: Buying A Bra, AKA The Over Shoulder Boulder Holder

It’s that time of the year. I need to buy an over the shoulder boulder holder, a bra. Once a year, I do the dreaded shopping for bras. I hate it.

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Most women can walk into any Victoria Secret or any department store and buy bras without too much worry. We look for proper fit, uplift, style, pretty, maybe sexy, functional when we have to go bra shopping.

For someone like me, it can be a traumatic experience. I have big boobs. Naturally, I might add. And with excess weight, they are even bigger. Bra shopping is a bitch to me.

First of all, there are few shops that cater to my bra size. My bra size is for me to know, and you to wonder. But when I need to buy an over the shoulder boulder holder, I usually go straight to Nordstrom’s because they cater to bigger boobs requiring larger cup sizes. Surprisingly, they have a decent selection.

One bra does not equal another. Last year, I went to Nordstrom’s, and a lovely young lady, twenty-four years old, I believe helped. She led me to a dressing room after grabbing her measuring tape. She measured me for sizing and proceeded to seek out bras that would give me the support and lift I need.

Trust me when I say, I really need a great support system in a bra. When I take off my bra, Guatemala thanks me for sweeping their streets and keeping them clean. And they thank me for providing shade when I have my bra on.

This sweet young lady without any reservation made me feel very comfortable as she insisted on helping me try on bras. I have never had another person help me try on bras. I usually am very bashful, but this sweet girl made me feel like her only concern was to help me find the prettiest most perfect bra for me.

I must have tried on eight or nine different bras, different styles before I found one that fit just right. She lifted and adjusted and shifted and suggested how I can fit my big ol’ mammary glands properly into a bra. She pulled on the straps until I was so lifted I could enjoy myself on myself if I wanted.

Now it is time to get a couple of new bras. I sure hope she is there to help me. She was terrific, and she took an embarrassing situation and made it feel like two girlfriends shopping for a cocktail dress instead of what it was. To her, many thanks, and I hope you are still at Nordstrom’s.

To you out there that need to go shopping for an over the shoulder boulder holder, check out Fashion Valley Nordstrom’s. They make the experience, especially for big girls, much more pleasant.

By the way, when I was thin, I still had the same problem, except, even though I had big boobs, they were not as big as they are now because of weight loss. Losing weight will cause boobs to get smaller, and will also give us big boob girls more choices when shopping for bras. Hope this blog was not too much information. I just felt it was another honesty that had to be faced and admitted too.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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