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Linda Misleh Wagner: Future Former Fatty

Future Former Fatty Blog 108: I’m Fat Because I Have A Food Allergy

A few weeks ago my nephew had to be rushed to the emergency room because he had eaten something that must have contained nuts. He is very careful before eating anything, and I know he thought he was safe to eat whatever he had eaten. His brother had eaten the same foods, and also suffers from nut and oil allergies and his brother was fine. Thankfully, my nephew was treated and released from the hospital.

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My second oldest son, Erik, suffers from asthma due to food allergies. When he eats anything that contains peanuts, and most nuts, as well as olive oil, Erik’s asthma kicks in, bad enough to make his airway swell shut, and his face and eyes swell unbelievably. (Anyone see the move “Hitch” with Will Smith? If you did, then you will know what I am talking about).

There seems to be a common denominator, asthma, swelling of the body or body parts, puffiness, and exhaustion. People with food allergies suffer from all these side effects of their allergies.

Then, I thought about it a bit. Suddenly, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I am fat because I have a food allergy. I am allergic to sugar. The more I eat sugar, the more I swell up. The more I swell up, the more I suffer from exhaustion and shortness of breath.

I know you think I am kidding. Who would have the nerve to say they’re fat due to being allergic to sugar? Me, that’s who. I think I can prove my case.

I have been doing a lot of research about how sugar is used by the body. Sugar, especially in high doses, cannot be metabolized by the body properly. Our bodies will use sugar, and by sugar, I mean any food product that is a carbohydrate such as sugar, flour, foods made with these products, dairy (lactose in milk is a form of sugar), fruits, vegetables, sauces, condiments, the list goes on and on. If it is not protein or a fat, it is a carbohydrate, and carbohydrates contain sugar. Our bodies will use sugar to spike energy. Anything in excess is absorbed into our cells as fat.

Now, not all sugars are equal. Fruits and vegetables are complex carbs. Our bodies digest the sugar in these foods slowly, plus fruits and vegetables contain fiber. These are good sources of sugar. The exception would be high glycemic fruits and vegetables, such as watermelon, grapes, dried fruit, potatoes, peas, corn, and carrots. These fruits and vegetables have more sugar than their counterparts including vegetables that are considered starchy such as potatoes. These will cause our blood sugars to rise.

The way I see it, if I gain weight because certain foods cannot be used well by my body, the weight gain is in effect my body’s way of telling me I am allergic to these foods, and that these foods will cause not only weight gain, excess fat, and lethargy, but also inflammation within my body.

If you have a healthy body, you can move, and your knees, back, and ankles don’t hurt. But if you are eating foods that cause you to gain weight, then the weight gain and the subsequent affects of weight gain is your body’s way of making you aware that you need to refrain from these foods that cause this “allergic” reaction. I bet if you do some research about the body’s way of metabolizing food, how it breaks it down to be used to nourish, rebuild, and revitalize the body, then you will have to acknowledge by your own experience with sugar based foods, that your body does not respond well to these foods. Your body gets fat, bloated, and worn out faster by the consumption of these foods. It is your allergic reaction to sugar that is making you fat.

Think about it like this. If you were allergic to bees, would you poke at a beehive to get to the honey? No way! Same thing for us that are affected by consumption of sugar. We get fat! You avoid bees when you’re allergic to bees. Maybe we should apply the same to sugar and avoid it at all costs.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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