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Linda Misleh Wagner: Future Former Fatty

Future Former Fatty Blog 105: Birds Of A Feather Are Low Carb Friends Forever

Birds of a feather are low carb friends forever. You are whom you hang with right? Especially when it comes to food and especially if you are a foodie, and even more so if you are a fatty foodie.

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What this means is most of us have friends that have similar interests as we do. Sometimes we may a certain group of friends for some things we do and other friends of other things we do. For instance, when my youngest son was in band, the moms (booster moms supporting the band) became very close friends. We all lived and breathed band support in supporting our children, the band program, and the band director. We were on a mission to insure our children had the best musical experience possible.’

When you are a fatty, and especially a food fatty, chances are you have friends who like you love to eat, to go out to eat, and share a common bond of struggling with weight. These friends are people who relate to you, and they are in the same boat, hoping not to sink it because of their weight, but wanting to eat the midnight buffet despite their weight.

So what happens to those friends when you decide that the time has come to drop the pounds and get in shape? The answer is one of two things. You either avoid them for a while while you work your plan to lose weight. You don’t want anyone in your life that may sabotage your efforts. Or…you bond together to fight the fight together to lose weight. You become low carb friends together.

Having low carb friends can be a rewarding experience.

You will have friends who want to succeed like you. It may even turn into a friendly competition. You have low carb friends to support you when you are having a tough day, and you can be supportive toward your low carb friends. You can share low carb recipes with your low carb friends, and plan events together with your low carb friends like a pot luck, and this way you know the food will be plan friendly.

Another benefit of bonding with your fatty friends and encouraging them to become your low carb friends is as you lose weight and are more able to move, you now have friends who will not only be your low carb friends, but will also become your new exercise group of friends.

Our lives are all about our family and friends. Birds of a feather do tend to stick together. I say do yourself a favor, and encourage your fatty friends to become your low carb friends and your exercise friends. Counting on friends is a very joyful and satisfying feeling. Why not experience a healthy change of lifestyle

with your friends. Be the leader. Make changes in your life toward a healthy lifestyle and encourage your friends to do the same for their own sake. Remembers, misery loves company even if it is in denial. Fatty friends may love to go out and eat with their fatty friends, but they go home sad within their heart because they know they need to change their way of life when it comes to their relationship with food. Just think. If you change your fatty friends into low carb friends, you won’t have to go to the trouble of finding new friends. You can all work to look fabulous together.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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