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Linda Misleh Wagner: Future Former Fatty

Future Former Fatty Blog 100: One Hundred Blogs To Weight Loss

One hundred blogs weight loss blogs! Woohoo!

I cannot believe I have shared one hundred weight loss blogs with you.

I look back on these last nine months and how much I have learned working Aaron’s plan, writing these blogs and sharing my weight loss struggles and my successes with you, and it feels wonderful.

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In this time I have learned that my all or nothing nature has contributed to my failure at weight loss. Working to change this behavior, learning to make small changes in order to attain large results takes time, takes patience, and takes inner fortitude.

I have learned that we can want to lose weight very badly, and we can want to learn to love exercise, but unless we make a concerted effort to do so, we will not get very far. We have to live each day the way we know we are supposed to, as if we have always lived our lives this way.

Living a healthy lifestyle is not so much about dieting. It is about choosing and incorporating the necessary tools in your life and conscientiously working for a better you. These tools at first will not come naturally. If they did, we wouldn’t have a weight problem or a diabetes problem.

Picture in your mind the way you think a thin person lives their life and the type of choices they would make to stay healthy. It comes naturally to them. We have to work at it constantly. We have to fight the inner demons of food addiction. If we learn, little by little, one step at a time, to make changes in the relationship we have with food, eventually it will become second nature to us.

At this time, I have lost between twenty to twenty-five pounds. I fluctuate because it is still a very tough battle for me. I love to eat, and I love to eat foods that while not necessarily unhealthy, are not good for me. An example would be pasta. Pasta in a marinara sauce in moderation and on occasion for a person that does not suffer from food addiction is no problem.

Pasta for someone like me, or for diabetics, can be lethal to weight loss and blood sugar spikes. It is hard to settle for a small portion. Thus, I need to stay away from pasta, eating it only on rare occasions. I promise the next hundred blogs will bring to you more positive results, pictures of how I am doing, and I might be brave enough to exercise with you too. Don’t run! We are in this together, remember?

I have faced many difficult times in my life. I have been divorced. I have lost a child. I have had to make hard decisions for my children. I have had many disappointments. Some may think these are great reasons to throw in the towel and give in to our addiction. I think “No way!” I have had many joys as well.

I got out of a bad marriage and came back to California to my family that I love and that has always supported and encouraged me. I have raised my children and enjoyed almost every moment – you know the teenage years. I have worked alongside my brother, of whom I am immensely proud, and helped him to build a successful practice. I have met and married the love of my life, and I now have six gorgeous grandchildren, three I have yet to meet in person, but pray I get to do so soon. I love writing, and I took my first steps to becoming a published author by going to the La Jolla Writer’s Conference three years ago.

I got the courage to give my seven-minute pitch and was honored to meet Antoinette Kuritz, her husband Rich, and their son, Jared who now represent me. Antoinette led me to Aaron Snyder. In these people I have forged lovely relationships and new friends. I am almost done writing my first book. There is much I am thankful for, and my life is changing into the life I want and I am doing the work I am passionate about and want to do the rest of my life, albeit second shift right now.

As you can see, Aaron’s website is not only about controlling your diabetes or losing weight. His website inspires us to become the best version of ourselves we can be, and it teaches us to have the patience to make it happen. I pray my blogs have brought something to you. I hope I have inspired you to keep going, and I hope I have made you feel supported and understood. I pray you will succeed and will share your success with the rest of us.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty. Learn more about Linda HERE


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