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Linda Misleh Wagner: Future Former Fatty

Future Former Fatty Blog 95: Never Take Your Weight Loss For Granted

In my last blog I told you about Paul Mason, and how he found love after a six hundred and seventy-two pound weight loss.

His weight loss miracle gave me pause. I thought his story of how he and Rebecca met was so inspirational.

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I want to tell you it is important to never take your weight loss for granted. It is crucial to keep this in mind. If you do take your weight loss for granted, you will revert to old habits and gain your weight back.

Let me tell you a story. After I had gastric by-pass, and I lost almost two hundred and fifty pounds, I felt incredible. I felt young and sexy. I felt beautiful even though I knew I still had weight to lose, and I had at least twenty to twenty-five pounds of loose skin. It didn’t matter.

With clothes on, I looked pretty darn good. The loose skin was covered up. I now had collarbones and rib bones and a pretty jawline. My eyes looked even huger than they are in my new slender face. My wrists looked tiny and feminine. No puffy bloated skin for me.

The first three years I could barely eat much of anything. It was great. I could go to restaurants, order mostly whatever I wanted and only be able to eat a teeny tiny bit.

At year four, I was able to eat more. Not much, but more than before. I was keeping my weight off, but I was no longer losing weight.

By year five, I hit an emotional Mack truck. It didn’t take long that I found myself grazing between meals, eating healthy snacks (after gastric by-pass, the surgeons want you to only eat three meals a day and no snacking, not even raw vegetables). I broke the rules and started grazing on bell peppers, fruit, and sugar free candies.

This led to teaspoons of peanut butter, and Red Hots and Smarties between meals. Soon I changed it to nuts, because nuts are a form of protein and good fat right? Unless you are eating them all day. Then I added M & Ms to the nuts to sweeten them up.

This is how my stomach began to stretch. This was the demise of my hard efforts to lose weight, and the beginning that led to the gain of one hundred and fifteen pounds.

I had gone back to old habits because I took my weight loss for granted. Once I had that huge emotional setback, it didn’t take long for me to “forget” the empowering feeling of weight loss, and begin the downward spiral of taking my weight loss for granted.

Don’t forget. Don’t take your weight loss for granted. Treasure it. Remember how badly you feel fat and how great you feel thin. Taking your weight loss for granted will bring back to the brink of self-hatred, frustration, and anger at yourself. It is not the place you want to be. You have worked hard for every ounce you have taken off. Honor those lost ounces, lost pounds, and honor you.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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