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Linda Misleh Wagner: Future Former Fatty

Future Former Fatty Blog 74: Health Makes Us More Successful

Stand in a room of very successful men and women. What will you notice?

Besides many successful people being well dressed and groomed, another thing that might capture your attention is the energy they exude. Perhaps the way they articulate and express their knowledge about their businesses or world events may give them the edge above others. You might even notice that they seem to draw people to them. What sets them apart from others?

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The answer may surprise you. The exude health. What does that mean, especially in relationship to being successful? People who look healthy, slim, trim, full of energy will naturally draw others to them. The reason is simple. We all want to be healthy, slim, and trim just like them.

We subconsciously tend to believe someone who looks well put together has the rest of their lives together. Add being well spoken, and we will buy whatever they are selling. It comes down to looking healthy being an asset which makes someone more believable than looking unhealthy. If you have two people up for the same position at work, and one is slender and well put together and the other is obese and may equally well put together, even if the obese individual is more qualified for the position, statistics show the position will go to the slender person. The slender person is more attractive, therefore, more people will pay attention to what they are “selling”. There is another reason, which is not fair, but it is true. The slender person personifies what the company represents. People believe if someone takes care of himself or herself, then that person can take care of business. It is all perception.

Think about this fact. Eighty percent of people who bleach their teeth will be more successful in their careers than people who do not whiten. Why? Because people who have nice white teeth will smile more. Therefore, they come across as being more confident and approachable. My brother the dentist likes to joke around that the reason I was able to attract my husband was because of my killer smile. Excellent orthodontic work and some gorgeous veneers on whitened teeth are what my brother thinks attracted my husband to me. My husband will tell you it was my eyes. Either way, I am happy my husband found me. But I will say, I will walk down an aisle in the grocery store or down the street and I constantly get compliments for my smile from strangers.

We talk a lot about mindset. This whole topic clearly demonstrates the mindset of people when confronted with healthy-looking versus unhealthy-looking people. There have been many great people throughout history that were successful, powerful, and trusted by the people of our nation because the exuded health. Many of them were not pictures of health.

President Clinton was one of this country’s most popular presidents. He looked like he could do and accomplish anything. President Clinton has heart problems. President Lincoln had Marfan’s Syndrome. These are two examples of thin powerful men in whom people trusted and believed in.

There are powerful people who are obese who have captured the vote of the people of our nation. Most currently is Governor Chris Christie. Recently, he underwent surgery to lose weight. Long before he had surgery he was a successful man. Despite his many accomplishments, because he is obese, he has been the fodder of many late night talk show jokes. Thin politicians are the butt of late night jokes when they misuse their power or their position. Governor Christie was the joke of the night simply because he is fat.

So a person can be successful even if they are fat. But people who are thin will have more opportunity to be successful because health breeds success. If you are successful at taking care of your health, controlling your weight, overcoming weight problems you will capture the attention of your peers. You will garner their respect and support. People think if you cannot control your weight, then you probably cannot control matters of importance to yourself or to them. They may not even realize they feel this way consciously, but subconsciously they do.

If you are Luciano Pavarotti, people will not care that you are fat. Opera singers are in one of the few occupations for which weight is not necessarily an obstacle to success. If you are a pop star, the industry promotes and sells pop stars as sexy. Rarely, is fat considered sexy. There are exceptions such as Queen Latifeh and Adele, but they are rare.

My own husband was passed up for a promotion when he was two hundred plus pounds heavier. He knows he was more qualified with more awards given for his performance and capabilities than the person chosen. When he lost two hundred and seventeen pounds, he was offered the promotion again. When he asked someone why he was passed up before, one person was honest with him and said, “Off the record. It was because you were fat, unhealthy looking, and the company felt you did not look the part.”

If you are obese, you will have to work harder to get people to look past your weight and see who you are and what you can do to bring success to the table and be successful for yourself. This is the mindset of the world. We may not be able to change the way the world thinks, but we can demonstrate that we are successful people and capable people and attractive people despite our weight.

Be healthy. Let’s work to take care of ourselves. Success in the work place is important to get ahead. Success because we feel great about ourselves is the ultimate success.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty

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