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Linda Misleh Wagner: Future Former Fatty

Future Former Fatty Blog 73: Lose Weight? I’ll Show You!

What is it about challenges, bets, and dares that make us do things to prove we can like lose weight?

Especially to lose weight, people suddenly become motivated when there is their pride at stake or a noble cause.

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For instance, I have a friend who is going to be walking in the Susan B. Komen three-day walk for breast cancer. She has never walked more than a mile in her life at any given time. She was overweight, but training for the three day has slimmed her down thirty pounds. What motivated her to accomplish this feat was a co-worker who has become a friend who developed breast cancer. Walking the sixty miles is in support of this person.

Many times as we struggle to lose weight, through the process we begin to lose motivation. It is hard to lose weight, change bad mindsets into good mindsets, and stay in the process for the long haul. Especially when there are so many day-to-day obstacles. Yeesh, what’s a person to do?

Yet, the moment someone challenges us to lose weight by a certain date, and we are competing with other people, and there is a reward by the end date, we will find renewed motivation and excitement. But it only works if there are other people involved. For instance, if you have a wedding to go to and you tell yourself you want to lose a certain amount of weight so you will look nice in a dress or suit, I will bet good money most of us will not only fail to lose the weight we wanted, some of us will even gain weight.

Now add another person to compete with, and add a reward (it could even be for pride), and most of us will work to reach that goal and accomplish far more than if we did not have a challenger. I once joined Weight Watchers with a friend. We decided to see who could lose twenty-five pounds first. Every week we attended the meetings, every week we weighed in, and every week we lost weight. Then one week my friend said she could not make it to the meeting. I went anyway, and I was thrilled that I had lost another two and a half pounds. Three more pounds and I would have reached my first weight loss goal of twenty-five pounds. I was so excited and motivated to keep going. My friend never came back. She had canceled that meeting not because something had gotten in the way like a family event or work. She had canceled because she had a bad week, and she was embarrassed.

I eventually made it to my goal weight and kept it off for five years before I starting gaining back the weight. My friend told me she wished she had come that night even though she had a bad week. Had she come she would have received a great deal of support not only from me but from the other members as well. We all have bad weeks here and there. We just have to push through and persevere.

Maybe another reason we like challenges when it comes to weight loss is that challenges are like games and games are fun. The only time we hate the game is when we are losing the game, or in the case of losing weight, gaining in the game. Make losing weight fun. Challenge yourself to trying new foods such as vegetables you have never had before or meats you may not have ever cooked a certain way. Spices and flavorings are always fun and new ways to change old recipes into something new and delicious. Create your own recipes. Make the process fun and in making it fun you may discover that you really do love the healthier versions of your favorite foods. The reward will be a slimmer and healthier you.

Whether you accept a challenge to lose weight for noble reason or for simply a challenge, a dare, and or a bet really does not matter. Accept the challenge for the fun of it, do the challenge for the reward of a healthier body, slim and trim, and a healthy strong mindset. Challenge yourself stop to binge eating. Challenge yourself to get through not cheating even if the challenge is to get through minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour. Even if the only person you challenge is yourself (evil food mindset versus strong healthy mindset), make sure you come out the winner.

So here it goes. I challenge you to lose two pounds in the next ten days. Here is a list of fat burning foods to use to get you started. I will report to you when I reach that goal. Be your own white knight. Come on! We can do it! What have we got to lose J?

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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