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Linda Misleh Wagner: Future Former Fatty

Future Former Fatty Blog 96: How Not To Look Like Santa By The End Of The Holidays

One of the hardest times of the year, the holidays, is coming up for us future fatties.

The dreaded holidays are upon us. HO HO OH NO! Calories, and sugar, and fattening foods, oh my!

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How we keep from looking like Santa by the end of the holidays depends on how we want to start the New Year. It is tough enough during the rest of the year, but from Halloween to New Year’s Day it is all about the food, and getting together with people we love, and more food, and did I say more food?

If you are like me, you want to look spectacular for the holidays. Yet, you will be tempted to consume more calories in one sitting at one event than you would in a month of watching your calories. And it is no only one event to worry about. It is one party, one dinner, one football game, etc. etc. after another.

So, how do we dieters survive and thrive during the holidays. How do we enjoy them and not gain weight? Here are a few tips for getting to the New Year and not looking like Santa.

  1. Plan, plan, plan. If you know you are going to a party or to dinner or whatever the event is, plan ahead. Eat lighter throughout the day. Choose wisely. Think of terms of tasting rather than eating a whole piece or serving of anything.
  2. Get more exercise in. I know it is hard. You are already super off-the-charts busy with your regular life. Then add the holiday events too. . .oy vey! But working out more will balance out the extra calories you are taking in.
  3. Eat before you go. Eat a small version of a healthy meal you would normally eat before you go so you will not be as hungry and as tempted.
  4. Recognize that it will always be available. This won’t be the one and only event you will be attending. Eat one of your faves at one party, and save other favorites for another party.
  5. Offer to bring something. Offering to bring something not only takes some of the stress off the hostess, but it gives you an opportunity to bring something you know is healthy that you can enjoy freely.
  6. Get creative in the kitchen. When planning your own menus, look for ways to make everyone’s favorite dishes healthier.
  7. Remind yourself why you are losing weight. Like a mantra repeat, “I don’t want to look like Santa! I don’t want to look like Santa! I don’t want to look like Santa!”
  8. Cut out pictures from your favorite department store catalog. My favorite catalog is from Nordstrom’s, especially their fall issue. I love when I go to the mailbox and pull it out. I find a place to sit and just go page-by-page ogling the gorgeous clothes and shoes the models are wearing. I think about how much I would love to buy clothing that looks that fabulous and that looks that fabulous on me because I am thin.
  9. On you marks, get set, go! Buddy up with a friend a challenge each other to lose five, ten pounds, whatever, before New Years Day. You are trying to get back into shape, and even though round is a shape, “I don’t want to look like Santa!”
  10. Take each day one at a time. Don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed with worry. Just decide to do your best. Be kind to yourself always.

I hope my holidays tips help. If you have any more to add, please share with the rest of us. Happy holidays, and remember, we don’t’ want to look like Santa because we are all FUTURE FORMER FATTIES! That’s right!

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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