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Linda Misleh Wagner: Future Former Fatty

Future Former Fatty Blog 71: Be A Kid At Heart To Get Healthy

Recently, a health writer put out there for new ways families can get healthy together.

I submitted a few tips that I thought I would share with you along with others. I think you will have fun in the process.

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Do you remember a time when children played outdoors versus indoor games? Mothers would feed a breakfast on a summer day, shoo us out of the house to play, if your mom was like mine, we even ate our lunch picnic style outside so we would not mess up her nice clean house. We had to be in before it got dark and the streetlights came on. We rode bikes, played baseball, and made up games with other kids in the neighborhood.

Today, with obesity climbing and type two onset diabetes now affecting teenagers, children play outdoors less, play video games indoors more, and let’s hardly use their imagination in play. We used to sit on the outstretched door of the bed of our truck, use rope around the neck of our bikes and pretend we were on a wagon train. Some of the kids were cowboys, and other kids were Indians. Our bikes were our horses.

So here are some tips for getting your family healthy, outdoors, and have fun.

  1. Remember Two-Square and Four-Square with the big red bouncy ball? Use your driveway. It is great exercise for everyone including mom and dad. You will laugh, run, and move and burn calories.
  2. How about Red Light Green Light and Mother May I. Both games involve movement, some running, and a lot of laughter.
  3. How about Kick the Can. Another favorite the whole family can enjoy.
  4. Hide and Seek, and it can be played indoors as well on a gloomy day.

What about when the weather is bad and you are stuck indoors? What can you do to improve your healthy lifestyle?

  1. If you have a big enough basement, Red Light Green Light and Mother May I still work.
  2. How about eating strategies? I used to take a bag of frozen vegetables, cook them up, let them cool, and place them in a bowl placed on the kitchen table. My kids would pop handfuls into their mouths and keep going,
  3. I did the same with fruit, cut up melons, peaches, and berries ready to grab on the go.
  4. Musical chairs never gets old. When was the last time you played musical chairs?
  5. There are now electronic indoor bikes that are hooked up to your TV. that children have to pedal the pedals as they the play the video games. Keeps them moving and in shape as they expand their minds.
  6. Twister is another game the family can do together or your children with their friends.
  7. Hobbies such as art, crochet, sewing, woodworking, models, all keep the hands busy, and too busy to eat. A love of a good hobby can open many avenues of health in the development of our minds and our souls. No reason to overeat if you are fulfilled with your activities.

The point is to make it fun. My mom always had us come in for an hour every day to read. Encourage your children to read for pleasure. Never let them eat while they read. The habit of eating while reading becomes interlocked in the brain. Trips to the library occupy time and keep us from mindless eating.

The good old days were simple and not electronic, but they served a good healthy purpose. We were not so isolated in front of a screen and more inter-active with our family and friends. The obesity rates in children were much lower, and we never heard of type 2 diabetes in children and young adults. Think about it. Find your inner child, and let the kid in you come out and play. Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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