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Linda Misleh Wagner: Future Former Fatty

Future Former Fatty Blog 75: Busy Hands Don’t Eat

Busy Hands Are Busy Doing Something Else

Sometimes we eat simply because we need to do something with our hands. We aren’t hungry. We’re maybe bored and don’t know what to do with our self. But we need something to do other than eat.

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There are many different ways to keep our hands busy and out of the cookie jar. Take up a hobby. I love to crochet. When I am crocheting, I am not eating. When I am writing, I usually am not eating. Sometimes, depending on if I want to continue to work, and I am alone (family is not at home, so why stop working), I will eat while I write. I love “Candy Crush Saga” as you know, and I am now hooked on “Pet Rescue Saga”. I don’t eat when I am playing these games.

There are many hobbies people enjoy doing such as painting, model airplanes and model cars, boats, etc. Knitting, sewing, collecting coins, baseball cards, scrapbooking, gardening, sculpting, working on old cars, the list goes on and on. Find a hobby you enjoy.

Get outdoors and take up hiking, bird watching, or photography. There are so many different venues to explore. You may find yourself involved in a hobby that brings you delight.

For many of us, eating is our hobby. That’s fine if you are not an abuser of eating. Cooking is a hobby for many of us, but loving to cook and then over eating what you have cooked turns a hobby into a health hazard.

Besides hobbies, there are things like playing cards and board games with your family and friends. Again, if you are occupied with something you enjoy, you won’t think about eating. And you will be bringing your loved ones closer together developing your relationships with those you love.

Have you ever thought about learning a foreign language? I have. I have always wanted to learn to speak Italian, and relearn to speak French, and learn to speak Arabic properly instead of broken fluency.

How about learning to read music and play an instrument? How fun and creative would that be, and think about the enjoyment you may bring to others. Not to mention, but you will feel such a sense of accomplishment if you master an instrument.

I’m sure many of you have more suggestions. I would love to hear them. It benefits all of us when we put our heads together to help one another.

I would love to say that losing weight is my hobby. I am trying to wrap my head around being successful and mastering weight loss and keeping it off. It is perhaps the hardest “hobby” of all. Here’s the deal. Hobbies are supposed to be fun and relaxing. I can’t say getting healthy is necessarily fun and relaxing. We want it to be and at times, especially when we are doing well, losing weight is fun and relaxing.

I am going to surprise you with my next suggestion. I say this to both you and I. A great outlet that will not only relax us, help clear our heads from day to day pressure, energize us, and make us feel good every time is the hobby of exercise. No one is ever sad after they exercise. People walk out of the gym feeling a sense of great satisfaction, even those who proclaim they hate to work out. When they do, when we all do, we get the gift of endorphins raising our serotonin levels. Happy juice is what I call it.

So find something to do that will make you happy, bring you satisfaction and joy, and most importantly, get you out of the hobby of over eating and into the hobby of enjoying life, expanding your mind, sharing moments with people you care about, and taking care of your health. I think I like thinking about losing weight and exercise as a hobby. Yep, I think I do. It changes the mindset from negative to positive. Change your mindset from negative to positive. This attitude change will energize us and inspire us to do better.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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