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Linda Misleh Wagner: Future Former Fatty

Future Former Fatty Blog 99: Great Gifts To Inspire You Away From Fattiness

The party I went to last night was a gift from the Gods of Goodies. There was so much food. I won’t invoke pain by sharing with you all the cookies and pies that were on the table. Nor will I torment you with the lasagna, and enchiladas, and turkey, and ham, and three different types of sweet potatoes I walked past.

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I will admit to a drive-by tasting. I did not put a whole portion of anything. I just kind of walked by slowly, with my spoon extended, took aim, and lifted bites of most everything onto my plate. This way there was not trace of any felony act of food foolery.

Today, as I get on the scale, I am relieved that I didn’t gain any weight. The extra point six could be water weight, so it doesn’t count. Unless, it is a full pound gained, it doesn’t count.

On the other hand, if you lose point six, then you are doing great. That small amount can actually keep you motivated and inspired. Which brings me to the subject at hand.

It’s time to go shopping for gifts!

You have no idea what to get your family and friends. I am going to give you some great gift ideas to inspire you away from fattiness. Best of all, these gifts are affordable.

Head to your favorite Target or Walmart. Go straight to the music section. Buy CDs that will make your friends and family want to get up and move. Get them pumped up to want to work off the holiday excess poundage.

Proceed to the toy section. At the far end of the toy section is the workout DVDs and equipment. My personal favorite is Leslie Sansone’s walk the weight off DVDs. Anyone at any age at all levels can do these workouts and will work up an adequate sweat and get them back into exercising without too much trouble. No gym membership or special equipment, and you can do the workouts in the privacy of your own home.

While you are at it, check out the other workout DVDs. I love the Zumba and the Dancing With Stars workouts too because I love to dance. Even if you have two left feet, you can do these workouts. The music is great and gets you in the mood to move, and if you have trouble following the steps, it really doesn’t matter. You are moving, and that is what counts.

Pick up pedometers and give as gifts. Pedometers are a great tracking device to keep us accountable to reach ten thousand steps a day. Using a pedometer may surprise you. You may think you are more active when you really are pretty sedentary. Put it in a gift box with a note that says you would love to start walking with that person, and start a walking club.

And while you are buying these great gifts to inspire you away from fattiness, treat yourself to a few of these gifts too. Remember, while you are inspiring others to live a healthy lifestyle, inspire yourself. Besides, what if the recipients of your gifts enjoy and use the gifts you have given them to rid themselves of fattiness. If you don’t treat yourself and use these gifts, you will be left behind being the only person in your group of friends and family with the big behind.

The last gift idea I have for you is an easy one. You are already a member of Aaron’s NewDiabetesRx.com website. You already know how fantastic Aaron’s workouts are because you are doing them. Get a membership for your family and friends that need to lose weight, control their diabetes, or simply want to live a healthier lifestyle.

Remember, giving the gift of health is priceless and can be attained relatively cheaply. Eat right (you will save money on the purchase of junk food), exercise (I gave you some great ideas), and nourish you mind and soul. These are all great gifts to inspire you away from fattiness.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, future former fatty.

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