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Future Former Fatty Blog 64: Can You Throw Food In My Face Just A Bit More

Food Has Invaded My Life

You are not going to believe what is going on in my absence from work.  Remember I told you I severely injured my back?  I was out of work for three weeks.  Do you know what new policy has been initiated at my work while I have been gone?  Breakfast!

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I went back to work last Thursday only to be driven home.  I clearly was not ready to be back in the office.  My staff was already busy bringing patients back and getting our day going.  Well most of the staff was busy bringing patients back.

The other two assistants were busy making breakfast.  Apparently, while I was gone, one of the girls brought in a griddle.  Everyone donated breakfast foods.  And within a short time, patients came in to our dentist office not smelling antiseptics, but instead patient were welcomed by the smells of pancakes, eggs, bacon, and orange juice.

My brother, who is always so much fun and so generous, would walk by the lab and yell out, “Two hatched with a side of oinkers!” as if taking orders in a diner.  Patients loved it.  My staff loved it more.  What a way to start the day.

I found out they had begun this new practice last week, and to add to the fun, Bonnie cooked up steak, steamed rice, and stir fry vegetables.  This of course encouraged everyone to come up with ideas for what else we could cook back in our lab.  Someone suggested chicken fried steak, and another came up with funnel cakes, of course she offered to bring in her deep fryer.

Mind you, I am the only one that has a real weight problem.  How the heck is a person to diet with everyone around then so focused on food?  It is a dilemma.

My sister told me the other day; there is not a single hour within a single day at her job that her co-workers and she are not talking about food.  If they are not talking about food, then they are talking about losing weight.  Food is more talked about than relationships, sex, or anything else in just about any situation.  People love to eat.

This bears asking the question. “Is food really the enemy?”  Is food the reason we are a fat obese nation?  I say to you food is not the one at fault.  People have indulged in food, been passionate about food, used food to heal or abuse since the beginning of time.  No, food is not the enemy.  Food comes from nature.  It is a beautiful reminder of the bounty of our earth and how our earth nourishes us.

Like anything wondrous and beautiful, too much of a good thing pushes us over to the dark side.  It is all about balance and knowing our bodies.  If I eat fat burning foods, I lose weight. And I know I even think about fattening foods I will gain weight.  I really believe it.  Same if I keep my mind on the goal I tend to make it to goal.  Needless to say, I need everyone out there putting out good juju to save me from the new dental diner at my office.  This is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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