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Linda Misleh Wagner: Future Former Fatty

Future Former Fatty Blog 65: I Am An Expert At Being Fat

My Expertise Could Be The End Of Me

My husband, Bob, has started a new business on the side.  He is a wood-turner.  He turns woods into beautiful bowls, platters, pestle and mortars, and candlesticks as well as salt and peppershakers.  His work is beautiful.  Bob uses a variety of woods, some exotic and colorful.  I love watching him turn a bowl.  He looks so happy and satisfied when he is woodturning.  He is a master craftsman, and I am obviously very proud of him.

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My best friend is a glassblower.  Her work is pure artistry.  When I have watched her work, I am mesmerized.  Sandie’s father was a glassblower as is her brother before he retired.  She paints her delicate figurines with such finesse.  I can’t paint my fingernails with that kind of perfection.

My brother is a dentist.  He has earned an impeccable reputation because his work is exemplary.  Anton not only has a clear understanding of the science of dentistry, but his hands are an extension of the knowledge and expertise of dentistry.

I thought about people in my life that are so good at what they do.  I mean they really are artists and craftsmen with real knowledge and expertise.  Then I thought about what am I really good at.

My first thought was of course a joke at my expense.  I immediately thought I am an expert at being fat.  Then, I really thought about that thought.  I am an expert.  I have been fat most of my life.  Food and everything that goes along with food I am an accomplished master.  I know how to be fat.  I know how to cook really well.  I know what food is health effective and what foods is health costly.  I am adept at this subject.

My always willing to be flippant mind immediately came to the conclusion that food is my area of expertise.  I was making a joke, but it really is not a joke.  It is true.

So why am I fighting so hard to become a Future Former Fatty?  Because I love food, and I want to love a healthy body.  I want to incorporate the sustenance of the subject I know and love most with real knowledge of how to effectively eat and enjoy food without it becoming detrimental to my well being.

Do you see the wheels turning here a hundred miles a minute?  This is mindset changing in the making.  I am acknowledging that I want to eat, eat well, eat the foods I love, and I want to be healthy.

So here comes the challenge!  I need to become an expert at taking charge of my health while incorporating the foods I love.  I need to learn to take the foods that are health costly and turn them in health affective.  I kind of feel like it is all sinking into my brain.

I have been struggling because I have been trying to make changes in my diet to exclude foods I love.  How wonderful would it be if I found ways to make the foods I love become fat burning foods I love and that will keep me healthy.  In the coming blogs, I will share with you recipes I will develop.  I hope you will try them and give me feedback.  Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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