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Linda Misleh Wagner: Future Former Fatty

Future Former Fatty Blog 92: The Question That Makes You Think Before You Cheat On your Diet

I know the one question that may make us think twice before we decide to cheat.

This question could apply to every time we’re about to cheat ourselves out of anything we want. Are you ready for it?

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“Is it conducive to living a good life?” Powerful, isn’t it? I think it bears repeating. “Is it conducive to living a good life?”

Imagine you have a decision to make. Maybe you already know you the answer, but it is not what you want to do. Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you need to buy a new car. Deciding what you have available to budget towards a new car, you start shopping. Let’s just say your budget allows you to comfortably choose a new car in the twenty-five thousand dollar range. You head toward the car dealerships and start test-driving different cars. You find one you like, but then the car dealer brings a car out to show you that is everything you ever wanted. The only problem is this car is out of your budget.

This car is beautiful. You picture yourself cruising down to the beach or downtown to meet friends for dinner pulling up in this car. You know getting behind the wheel of this car will push up your inner mind cool status to “totally cool!” The only thing wrong is it is way out of your budget.

That’s when you ask yourself “Is it conducive to living a good life”. You weigh it out and consider how it will affect you financially every month, and then you have to consider what you may have to sacrifice to have this car. That is the moment when you ask yourself again, “Is it conducive to living a good life”. If it is, then buy the car of your dreams. If not, change direction.

The same goes for weight loss. When that moment comes that you want to cheat, or you want to eat anything, asking yourself “Is eating this conducive to living a good life?” Asking yourself this simple question before you eat may help you beat the cheat when you are struggling. That simple question is empowering to us.

If you decide that you really want to cheat despite the fact that you decided what you are eating is not conducive to living a good life, then at least you are conscientious about your decision and you know you will have to live with the consequences.

But imagine if asking yourself this question before hand makes you stop and think about the type of life you are striving for. This life you want means so much to you that to sabotage yourself by eating foods that will not be conducive to living the good life you want may not be worth it. But whatever your decision, the key is to make it consciously and conscientiously.

If you choose to eat something that will not benefit the goals you want to achieve, at least you made that decision knowingly. And perhaps in making that decision you may find other ways to compensate for the negative calories you are choosing to enjoy.

It is a simple yet powerfully thought-provoking question. I would love your feedback on this. Please take some time to let me know how asking yourself this question works for you.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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