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Linda Misleh Wagner: Future Former Fatty

Future Former Fatty Blog 59: Here Comes The Bride

My husband and I went to Austin, Texas for my cousin’s wedding, aka “The Bride”

Though he loves “the bride,” my husband was not as enthusiastic as I was about going to the wedding. His feelings were, “Who gets married in August in Texas?” It is just too hot for him in Texas to spend any time there in the summer, but being the good sport that he is and always doing anything he can to make me happy, he agreed to go, and we decided to drive because we love road trips. I had never traveled through the southwest before, and I was excited to see the terrain.

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My husband laughed at me as we drove mile after mile through desert. He thought it was amazing that I found such beauty in the terrain and the sky. You see, we left at five thirty in the evening while it was still summer light outside, and as we drove east toward the long vast desert, the terrain changed. Most of the desert was scrub brush, but depending on the area, there were different types of cactus I had not really seen before. There was an area of Arizona that had no actual land you could see. The entire land mass was boulders upon boulders. Some as big as buses and airplanes, perched upon one another, some barely seated on another boulder, balancing so precariously. It was mesmerizing to me. My husband just smiled.

What was really beautiful was the night sky. It was so dark out in the desert. The only lights other than the few cars and trucks traversing the highway were the brilliant stars in the night sky. I have never seen so many stars. It was beautiful beyond words. I even saw a shooting star. It was my first.

The gross disgusting thing about the trip was the amount of bugs drawn toward the headlights of our car. Their smashed yellowed bodies squished against the windshield and front bumper was so bad that we had to stop and wash the windshield to see again. Yuck!!!

Austin was beautiful. We toured the Capital building. My husband and I both love history. The wedding was wonderful. My cousin looked so happy, and his bride was absolutely gorgeous inside and out. We were so thrilled for them both. It was great seeing family, dancing the night away, and having great food.

I bought a beautiful dress for the wedding. The dress I had already that I was going to wear did not look as nice on me as it should since I had gained fifteen pounds since the last time I wore it almost two years ago. Too bad because it is a gorgeous dress. I did look beautiful despite my size. My husband treated me to several pieces of jewelry that just finished the dress off to perfection.

All in all, it was a wonderful trip. Despite how wonderfully everything went, the only damper for me was in the back of my mind I worried if I would be able to keep up with touring the city, with the wedding festivities, and I worried how I would look because the last time I had seen these relatives, I was fifty pounds lighter. They did not seem to notice. They were just grateful I had come to support them and share this time with them. That is what mattered most.

I need to stop worrying about my weight and just live life the way I want to live it. If I don’t like the way my weight makes me feel, then I need to do something about it instead of talking about it and writing about it. If I am okay with my weight, then it would not even enter my mind and spoil a moment of the adventures of my life. Let’s see what happens. This is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

Linda Misleh Wagner

Linda Misleh Wagner, A Woman On A Mission To Change Her Life

After having gastric bypass surgery in 2007, Linda Misleh Wagner lost 240 pounds, only to gain nearly half of it back. Prior to surgery, Linda was diabetic. Fearful for its return, she sought NewDiabetesRx founder Aaron Snyder. Working with Aaron to drop the fat through a new diet that lets you cheat, exercise that only gets harder when you say so, and a change to her weight loss mindset to end her emotional eating, Linda embarks on a new journey towards regaining her health. With newfound knowledge and the patience to let small steps lead to huge rewards, Linda shares with you her journey to become a future former fatty.

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