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Linda Misleh Wagner: Future Former Fatty

Future Former Fatty Blog 60: Oh My Aching Back!

Remember the barbeque pool party I told you about when my sister and nephew were visiting? What I did not tell you is I injured my back badly that day.

I did not realize how badly I hurt my back until I returned from our trip to Austin. As a matter of fact, driving twenty-four hours straight, staying two days, and driving the same back to home is what clinched my back even worse.

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I have had moments where I have experienced excruciating before in my life, but not as much as this for this long of a period of time. I completely throughout my hip and lower back. The muscle spasms were completely debilitating. I could not sit, stand, or lay down comfortably at all. I had to take tiny Geisha girl steps to walk from one point to another, and it was horrific.

I have been seeing my chiropractor twice a week for four weeks and my physician every week. Muscle relaxants were not working. Pain meds, which usually knock me out did not even take the edge off. Excruciating pain is the only way to describe the pain I was in.

On my first visit to my doctor an x-ray was ordered to make sure I had not fractured my back. Luckily, I had not fractured my back. The results from the x-rays showed other complications. Sad complications.

My chiropractor, which did not even see the x-rays, told me he suspected bulging herniated discs. My doctor confirmed my chiropractors diagnosis. What made it so hard to take, so sad to me, was when my physician explained to me that my vertebrae were compressed so much, bone on bone, as well as degenerative disease, as well as herniated discs in my entire lumbar region, complicated by severe muscle spasms and a pinching of the sciatic nerve in my right hip.

Then my doctor said these words. He said, “Linda, you carrying around so much weight for so many years had compressed your back to the point that it is all bone on bone. I have lost more than two inches of height because of this compression.

My weight! My weight! I have injured myself, shrunk myself, and will suffer future pain because I could not control my food intake throughout my life. Does this not want to make you just cry? I did. My heart aches thinking about the damage I have done to my body just because I love to over eat.

Since I have been home, in pain, unable to work, unable to focus, swallowing muscle relaxants and pain meds that are not very effective because the pain is so intense, I have had time to wallow in my own stupidity. I noticed my appetite is just not as big as it was before. I don’t snack much, which I was doing prior to this accident. I am

eating what I want but much smaller portions. I am not even planning what I am going to eat. I know me. I don’t want to give up food, but I don’t want to destroy my body either. Maybe this painful episode, this slap in the face, this reality check will make me simply do better, be the wakeup call I needed. I have dropped a few pounds. I don’t count them until I keep them off awhile. We shall see.

Don’t wait until you have a wakeup call. See the damage you are causing to yourself when you binge it. Change now your mindset before it is too late. The pain in my back was not as excruciating as the pain in my heart at the realization what I have done to myself. This is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

Linda Misleh Wagner

Linda Misleh Wagner, A Woman On A Mission To Change Her Life

After having gastric bypass surgery in 2007, Linda Misleh Wagner lost 240 pounds, only to gain nearly half of it back. Prior to surgery, Linda was diabetic. Fearful for its return, she sought NewDiabetesRx founder Aaron Snyder. Working with Aaron to drop the fat through a new diet that lets you cheat, exercise that only gets harder when you say so, and a change to her weight loss mindset to end her emotional eating, Linda embarks on a new journey towards regaining her health. With newfound knowledge and the patience to let small steps lead to huge rewards, Linda shares with you her journey to become a future former fatty.

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