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Why Paula Deen Drives Me Nuts

March 17, 2013 by Aaron Snyder in Aaron's Blog with 1 Comment

Oh Paula Deen. Where do I begin.

Well, I’ll start with the truth. Paula Deen is a gluttonous opportunist turned health expert who is now being paid $6 million over 2 years by drug company Novo Nordisk which manufactures diabetes drug Victoza that comes with a black box warning because it might cause cancer.

Because of the uncertain relevance of the rodent thyroid C-cell tumor findings to humans, prescribe Victoza only to patients for whom the potential benefits are considered to outweigh the potential risk.

Paula Deen got diabetes from overeating and gaining a ton of weight (which I DO NOT fault her for), but who only announced 3 years after the fact that she had diabetes when pharmaceutical company Novo-Risk asked her to be a spokesperson for said black box warning labeled drug Victoza.

Paula Deen loses weight while taking Victoza, pretending the whole time it’s her concern over her health, not the millions she’s making or the clause in the contract she signed that requires she lose weight or not get paid (NOTE – I don’t know this last part for sure, but if you were a pharmaceutical company with billions of dollars with a “B” on the line, what would you put in your contract for a paid celebrity endorsement to make sure you got what you needed out of it?).

Paula Deen’s decision to work with Novo Nordisk after hiding her diabetes diagnoses for 3 years is so hypocritical that even her long time publicist has quit working with her over the deal.

And what really pisses me off about Paula Deen and Novo Nordisk

She promoted a way of eating that creates obesity and diabetes. She is now running a website not so different from this one where she tries to push healthier versions of her crappy food. Have you ever heard the phrase “you can’t polish a turd?” We could be referring to recipes like this one from her site:

  • It calls for ¼ cup of sugar and is cooked in canola oil.
  • It’s not high in protein.
  • And one serving is 300 calories – good luck eating just one.
  • It’s high in carbs. In fact most of her recipes are high in carbs.

WHY IS THAT DIABETES FRIENDLY? Or rather, why is that “diabetes in a new light” as she puts it on her site (or rather Novo-Risk’s site as clearly shown in the upper right hand corner of every page)? How is that going to fill you up or help you lose weight?

Oh Paula Deen lost weight eating this? Let me ask you something.

  1. Is it easier for people on the Biggest Loser to lose weight since all they have to do is focus on is diet and exercise for months on end (no job, no kids, no spouse, just lose weight), plus the motivation to win cash and not be publicly shamed?
  2. Then how easy is it for Paula Deen who has access to a personal trainer, personal assistant, personal chef (if she wants it – cooking DOES take time), who can control her own schedule, and would make far more than 10 times the top cash prize in the Biggest Loser to lose weight?

Still think you can just lose the weight eating like Paula Deen? So when Paula Deen loses 50 pounds during a paid endorsement and pushes recipes like these, she’s giving the impression to the typical overweight type 2 diabetic that they can accomplish the same thing she did while eating these foods. AND THAT IS A LIE.

There is nothing revolutionary about the recipes on her site. Having looked at them, they are the same quasi-healthy diabetes recipes that the medical community advocates for diabetics, but which really do nothing to help us lose weight or turn our lifestyles away from the garbage consuming non exercising emotional eaters that we tend to be (That’s not you? It was me. I speak from personal experience).

I am so sick of seeing recipes like this because all they do is remind me that a typical diabetic will see them, try them once, then go back to eating whatever they’ve been eating that makes them diabetic to begin with. There’s no strategy on her site for how a diabetic can turn their life around, nor is there any in her message.

You want to know the one thing Paula Deen has down pat that will help you lose weight? She cheats on her diet. Yes, I regret to inform you (as if you already didn’t know) that French toast with syrup (even if it is in a new light) is not going to help you lose 100 pounds or lower your blood sugar if you eat that way every day.

However, cheating on your diet, i.e., allowing yourself a planned indulgence, a.k.a. an intentional break from your regimen, relieves the mental desire that builds over time from following any successful weight loss program. And when done long enough over time, it reduces cravings to the point that the cheats become fewer and farther between.

But you’ll never learn that on the Paula Deen website. You’d need someone like me who lost more weight than her, has way better abs than her, and who controls their diabetes better and with fewer medications than her (in my case none), to have figured that out. Unfortunately, when you’re being paid millions of dollars to back a drug company that has been called out by the FDA for not revealing all of its diabetes drugs side effects, you stop caring about what you’re teaching your fellow diabetics from your example.

And as Forest Gump says, “That’s all I’ve got to say about that.”

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  1. Linda Misleh WagnerJuly 4, 2014 at 2:14 pm

    Amazing blog, Aaron. It was an real eye-opener. Wow! We get suckered in by hype and media. I’d like to think I am much smarter.

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