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Linda Misleh Wagner: Future Former Fatty

Future Former Fatty Blog 16: Sometimes Life Is Just Not Fair!

Life is just not fair.

Why is it that some people seem to be able to eat whatever they want, as much as they want, and not gain weight? I hate these types of people. Well, not really. I am actually in love with one of these types, my husband, Bob.

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Bob is a former fatty himself. He used to be over two hundred pounds heavier. He had the gastric by-pass surgery a year and a half after I did. He has not gained any of his weight back. He might go up and down ten, maybe fifteen pounds, but in my world that means he pretty much stays the same.

We met at a gastric by-pass reunion that our surgeons throw every year. It’s a two-day event that ends with a dinner, fashion show, and dance held every year at one of our local hotels. It was a wonderful evening. I was in the fashion show. I had reached my lowest weight of one hundred eighty five pounds, which may sound fat to many of you, but as I used to weigh over four hundred thirty pounds, trust me, I felt svelte. Plus, according to my surgeon, I had about twenty-five pounds in loose skin after losing all that weight, so I thought of myself as truly weighing in at 160. One eighty-five felt like one thirty-five that night.

My husband asked me to dance and that was it. We were married a little over two years later. Now we have been together a total of three and a half years. Like I said, he has maintained his weight very well. I “hate” him, as I love him. It is not fair.

Both of us have dealt with a great deal of stress. Both of us work really hard. Both of us love to eat. What’s the difference, right?

The difference is he does not use food as a crutch. He doesn’t care if he eats dinner at the end of the day. I do because it de-stresses me. He works and lives about an hour and half from our home. He comes home on Friday afternoon and goes to work on Monday. He will retire in a few years and come home for good.

His work requires a great deal from him physically; sometimes, he walks as much as seven miles a day going from one end of his plant to the other. Mine is a desk job. I am up and down a bit, but my derriere is planted most of the day.

On weekends, because I cook for him, Bob eats off and on all day long. Usually, sweet rolls, followed by a big breakfast. A few hours later, maybe a peanut butter, jelly, and salami sandwich (ick), then lunch, then other snacks such as salsa and chips or pistachios, then a nice dinner, and then another snack. Eating like that is the reason I am doing this program. Thank goodness for Aaron’s program.

During the week, my husband will grab breakfast from his favorite gourmet truck that comes to his work. He will get something for lunch, and for the most part, that’s pretty much it for the rest of the day. Once in a while he will grab something for dinner or have a protein shake. Do you “hate” him as much as I do right now? He is not using food to deal with stress. His mindset has changed.

Truthfully, I am immensely proud of him. Even though he can really put it away when he wants to, he has found a balance. Bob basically lives Aaron Snyder’s program. He eats light all week, and on the weekend he eats what he wants. Bob is constantly on the move all week long, and come the weekend, even though he keeps busy, he can still relax. My husband is my inspiration in many ways.

So, friends, let’s be like the Aaron’s and Bobs of this world. Let’s not be so food- focused. Eat healthy all week long, and on the occasional weekend, indulge just a little bit. We can do this! Future Former Fatties unite! And instead of looking at people who manage their eating like Aaron and Bob with resentment, let’s join them. Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, future former fatty.

Linda Misleh Wagner

Linda Misleh Wagner, A Woman On A Mission To Change Her Life

After having gastric bypass surgery in 2007, Linda Misleh Wagner lost 240 pounds, only to gain nearly half of it back. Prior to surgery, Linda was diabetic. Fearful for its return, she sought NewDiabetesRx founder Aaron Snyder. Working with Aaron to drop the fat through a new diet that lets you cheat, exercise that only gets harder when you say so, and a change to her weight loss mindset to end her emotional eating, Linda embarks on a new journey towards regaining her health. With newfound knowledge and the patience to let small steps lead to huge rewards, Linda shares with you her journey to become a future former fatty.


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