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How To Break A Weight Loss Stall And Not Go Insane

Oh You’re Going To Hate The Answer To The Weight Loss Stall Conundrum, But Here It Is Anyways.

To break a weight loss stall, keep going.

  1. With your dieting – you are eating fat burning foods right???
  2. With your exercising
  3. With your meal planning
  4. With your fairy dust – come on – you really think all those celebrities lost weight doing those cleanses detox diets? We all know where they really got their help. And if you have any of that magic dust yourself, by all means, keep taking it.
  5. With whatever you’ve been doing that’s been working. Keep doing it.

In all seriousness, a weight loss stall can be just infuriating. I mean doesn’t your body know the magic formula?

One pound lost = 3,500 calories cut from your diet.

So if you know how many calories you burn from an online calorie calculator like this one, and you’ve been a diligent lad or lady by keeping a food journal to count your calories, you’re probably ready to throw your scale out the window and drown your sorrows in Krispy Kremes when your math tells you that should you be down two pounds but the scale says you’re not.

Don’t Give Up Just Yet…You Probably Are Losing Weight.

Or fat rather. What’s probably happened (assuming you really have cut your calories) is that your body gained water and lost fat. That’s right – your body’s cells released fatty acids to be used as energy, and filled that space up with water as a sort of place holder. So basically, you’re leaner but temporarily more bloated. In a few days time, you’ll lose the water and the scale will finally register the fat loss. I encounter this type of weight loss stall like clockwork every time I try to lose a little fat (vanity pounds for me at this point).

For example, if I am trying to get from 159 to 156 pounds, losing those 3 pounds of fat, basically going to around 7% body fat, can be a general pain in the butt. My body could care less that I want to shed that last little bit of fat, which means I have to keep diligent records and practice all that I preach to make it happen.

Say I Am Cutting 350 Calories Off My Diet Each Day (That Is 1/10th of a Pound)

Here is how the weight loss DOES NOT LOOK each morning (staring at 159 pounds)

  • Day 1: 158.9
  • Day 2: 158.8
  • Day 3: 158.7
  • And so on…

Instead, I basically remain 159 pounds for 4 days straight, and then drop to 158.5 on the fifth day. Had I become frustrated over this minor weight loss stall, I’d have never succeed.

So don’t YOU give up either! Treat weight loss stall as a game. Don’t make it a struggle, and expect your body to lose weight on your schedule. It rarely does, so get used to that. Instead, just keep doing what you know works, and your body will on its own time reward you with weight loss.

P.S. All this frustration about your weight happened because you were only using the scale to measure progress in the first place. If you take measurements or invest in an at home body fat measurer (gasp!), you’ll be able to see fat loss progress faster and more accurately!


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