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Why Your Doctor’s Not A Weight Loss Expert

Which one of these people is not a true weight loss expert? Which one would you turn to for advice?

  1. Doctors?
  2. Fit people who have been thin all their lives?
  3. Fit people who used to be fat?

It’s Usually Not Doctors

Unfortunately, the typical doctor still comes up short as a true weight loss expert. Oh sure, they can explain the biochemistry behind how the body burns fat for fuel. But studies like this one from the American Academy of Family Physicians reveal most doctors still don’t know enough about nutrition to counsel patients:

  • Only 27% of medical schools required their medical students to learn at least 25 hours of nutritional instruction – and that requirement is fairly new.
  • Only 25% of medical schools even require a nutrition course.
  • Medical students receive an average of less than 20 hours of nutritional instruction.

So basically, 75% of all the doctors you ask weight loss advice from will have had this much instruction. And if that well-meaning doctor is also carrying a few pounds around the middle, are they going to be able to tell you how to drop 50 pounds?

No one’s fooling you. You see what’s going on.

It’s Usually Not Naturally Lean People

When a thin man or woman who swears by yoga but who does not need to do yoga in the first place to be thin tells you that’s what you need to do to look like they do, are you hearing the advice of a true weight loss expert or someone who got lucky in the skinny for life gene pool?

Is it even weight loss advice? After all, they have no weight to lose and never did.

You’ve been around the block long enough to not be fooled by following the advice of a biased weight loss expert who will remain slender no matter what they do.

The Formerly Obese Who Now Flaunt Abs Are the True Weight Loss Experts

This is where I come into play.

Does knowing what you need to do to lose weight does not make me an expert? I’d wager half the weight loss experts out their might know what you need to do to start losing weight.

Knowing what you need to do to lose weight does not make me a weight loss expert. Knowing how to actually get you to do it does. And only those people like me who have been obese (in my case Stage II obese, 215 pounds at five foot five inches), and now have single percentage body fat, know all the tricks of the trade to help you follow through on your weight loss plan.

I’ve been there. I can’t judge you for going on a midnight cookie raid because chances are I’ve done more of them in my heavier days than you have. However, I can work with you so you’ll make fewer raids.

If the medical community were the true weight loss experts, 63% of Americans would not be overweight, 31% of Americans would not be obese, more than 25 million Americans would not be living with type 2 diabetes, and more than 54 million Americans would not be pre-diabetic. Childhood obesity would not have more than tripled in the past 20 years and one in three children born after 2000 would not be expected to be type 2 diabetics by the time they reach adolescence.

While your doctor can and should advise you on your personal health issues, when it comes to type 2 diabetes what most doctors turn to is medication. And that medication does not cure your diabetes. In many cases, it does not even control it for the long run because the habits and stressors that led to being overweight, led you to type 2 diabetes, are not addressed by pills. Add to that the side-effects of most diabetes medications, and the future for most type 2 diabetics becomes bleak.

So Do You Value Your Health?

  • Are you overweight, do you have pre-diabetes, diabetes, or are you at risk?
  • If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then ask yourself: Can a diabetic who lost all of his weight, dropped all of his meds completely normalized his blood sugar, and has maintained his healthy lifestyle for almost a decade help you?
  • And if the answer is yes again, can you afford to pay for that help for the the cost of one cup of coffee per week?

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