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Q&A With The Girl With The Portable Pancreas

Meet The Girl With The Portable Pancreas

Every diabetes story is personal and unique, and whenever you come across a blogger who teaches you not only what it’s like to be diabetic, but how to diabetes more effectively, it’s because that blogger was brave enough to reveal themselves in the process. Stacey over at The Girl With The Portable Pancreas, fits that description perfectly. A very special thanks to her for doing this Q&A.

Aaron: What is the greatest day to day challenge you face as a type 1 diabetic?

The Girl With The Portable Pancreas: I think the greatest challenge day to day is the unpredictability of diabetes.  You can think you are doing everything right and get slammed with low or high blood sugars.  You can eat the same thing every day and not get the same blood sugar twice.  There are so many factors that determine one’s blood sugar, it could seem very difficult to figure it out all the time.

What sort of diet do you follow to control your diabetes? How often do you cheat and eat whatever you want?

The Girl With The Portable Pancreas: Eating lower carb is easier on my blood sugar levels.  However I do not deny myself things like bread or rice all the time.  If may blood sugar is in my desired range and want to eat a sandwich or chicken & rice or even something like pizza or cookies, I have it a few times a week.

I like all diabetics hate the over correction for treating a low. When you are in that shaky panic state, what steps have you taken to teach yourself to treat the low, but avoid the all out ice cream cake binge (not that I have ever done that)?

The Girl With The Portable Pancreas: I am actually very fortunate in the fact that I do not tend to over treat low blood sugars.  When I am low, I usually have a juice box and call it a day.  It is very rare that I have to fight the urge to eat the entire kitchen.  I think this is mainly based on habit formed over the years.  Or maybe something biological in me that I’m unaware of ;)

How much of a role does exercise play in controlling your diabetes?

The Girl With The Portable Pancreas: When I exercise regularly, I certainly notice an improvement in my blood sugars.  And I generally feel better too.  However I struggle with making exercise a priority, just like counting carbs or taking insulin.  It should play a bigger role in my management.

What is the best advice you could give to a newly diagnosed diabetic, type 1 or 2?

The Girl With The Portable Pancreas: My best advice is that diabetes is hard.  But it is surely manageable.  Keep in mind that there will be good days and there will be bad days.  But focus on the good days and that will help you see the light at the end of the tunnel when you are feeling overwhelmed.  There is also a huge, incredible community of other people with diabetes out there for support.  You are not alone!

Thanks again Stacey!

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