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Without A Plan, Your New Years Resolution Will Hit The Fan

January 6, 2013 by admin in Aaron's Blog with 1 Comment

It’s blasphemy to challenge the notion of creating a New Years Resolution to lose weight, but I’m going to anyway.

New Years resolutions to lose weight usually don’t work for the following reasons.

Reason Number One Your New Years Resolution Doesn’t Work – Vagueness

Typically, the New Years resolution looks something like one or both of these:

  • “I will start exercising” – when?
  • “I will eat better” – how?

These resolutions are in the future tense with no explanation of how they will be achieved. Eating better and starting an exercise program are both monumental lifestyle changes. They can’t just be done. You need a plan. This blog post will deal with eating better. In part 2, I’ll tackle making New Years Resolutions to exercise that stick.

Reason Number Two New Years Resolutions Don’t Work – Not Vague, But Not Specific

After you answer how and when to the above, you are still left with what and when.

“I will start exercising” – That’s too vague. Try this.

“I will start exercising three times per week for at least 45 minutes.”

That’s better. But what kind?

“I will start exercising with weights three times per week for at least 45 minutes.”

Ok, now we’ve gotten somewhere. But what three days? And at what time?

“I will start exercising with weights on Friday after work, Sunday morning, and Wednesday evening for 45 minutes because those times fit my schedule best.”

Bingo! For example, I workout on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday afternoons because those times fit my work schedule, my wife’s schedule, and my son’s schedule the best. Plus, if I need to skip one of those days, I can make up the session on one of the other 3 days of the week.

In terms of eating better, I’ll bet 99% of the people reading this blog could answer the following questions correctly:

To lose weight, which of the following are better for weight loss?

1)    Meat, fish, and chicken or cheese burgers, fish sticks, and fried chicken?

1)    Eggs, nuts or Egg McMuffins and chocolate covered almonds?

2)    Green vegetables or fried zucchini?

I could go on, but the purpose of these questions is not at all to insult your intelligence. It’s to point out the obviousness that you know very well what you need to eat to lose weight, meaning knowledge is not the reason you can’t. The reason comes back to one of habit, which brings us back to why New Years Resolutions to lose weight are so hard in the first place.

  1. When you get stressed, are you in the habit of still eating well or eating comfort foods?
  2. When poorly slept, how do you eat differently? How much greater are your cravings?
  3. When your schedule gets hectic, what happens then?

If you are trying to lose weight, then you have eating habits right now that are keeping you overweight, and these three situations above reveal exactly what those habits are, because they are the most likely to make you gain weight over time.

When you have good eating habits instilled, the kind that keep you lean, those three situations just aren’t going to shake up your diet. I experience them just like you, and here are my answers:

  1. When stressed, I definitely still want to eat sugar and fat, so I make myself low carb protein shakes or low carb coco, or if it’s the weekend (when I allow myself more carbs), I might just have some real ice cream.
  2. When I am poorly slept, I know I will have a higher appetite than usual, so I drink a little more coffee, salt my food more, may eat a little more than normal of the same healthy foods I usually eat, and don’t wind up gaining or losing any weight on that day. Basically, I lived to fight another day.
  3. When my schedule gets hectic, I reach for roasted and salted almonds and string cheese, two very low carb, portable, good tasting foods. Is it perfect? No! And who cares! It’s better than the junk I’d be eating otherwise!

If my answers are similar to yours, you are probably going to be successful with your New Years Resolutions to lose weight (and in 3 above, you just need something healthy and filling as an answer – nuts and cheese do not have to be it).

If not, stop. Throw your New Years Resolutions in the trash. Make three new ones, specifically, the answers to my three questions above. Because the point of your New Years Resolution is to lose weight, and that is only going to happen by you developing solid eating habits, and that means still eating well when your life is at your worst.

Because that is how the lean do it.

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