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How To Make Your New Years Resolution To Exercise Stick

January 21, 2013 by Aaron Snyder in Aaron's Blog with 0 Comments

As promised, here is part two, how to make your New Years resolution to exercise stick.

In my previous New Year’s post, I discussed that you must be very specific with your New Years resolution to exercise

  • What form of exercise?
  • When will you do it?
  • For how long?

In that post, I used the example “I will start exercising with weights on Friday after work, Sunday morning, and Wednesday evening for 45 minutes because those times fit my schedule best.”

A lot of thinking already went into this decision. All that remains are some very basic questions:

  1. Do you have all the equipment to implement your exercise program? In this case, are you already a member of a gym or do you have exercise equipment at home? How about gym clothes and a bag so you can change out of your work clothes?
  2. Do you have all the knowledge to implement your exercise program? In this case, do you already have a routine you can follow? You can almost always get a free personal training session from a local gym, and there are some very affordable group sessions you can also try.

By coming to this point, you’d be ahead of everyone who ever utters the phrase “I hope my New Years resolution to exercise will be a success”

There’s no hope about it. Without a plan, your New Years resolution to exercise will hit the fan.

You see, up until now, you haven’t successfully incorporated exercise into your life, though we both know you’ve tried more than once. And why is that? What happens when you get stressed? Or tired? Or have an emergency come up?

Oh those are justifiable reasons to not exercise? I am willing to bet you are just stellar at keeping to certain other commitments 90% of the time no matter what life throws at you. Exercise just isn’t like that for you. But maybe there are certain social engagements, classes, work, or other engagements that you can keep up with that make others just stare in wonder, thinking “how do they do it?”

Now here is the big hint: both exercise and that other commitment you can stick to without any problems are both just patterns. You just don’t realize it.

“Aaron, how is not exercising a pattern?”

  • You’re in the pattern of not making your exercise a priority.
  • You’re in the pattern of skipping exercise when you’re tired
  • Your’e in the pattern of skipping exercise when you have extra work.
  • Your’e in the pattern of skipping exercise when you’re stressed.
  • Your’e in the pattern of skipping exercise when you’re traveling on business.

Do I sound harsh? Here is the deal. All regular exercisers find ways to exercise whether these events show up or not. And think back to whatever you are stellar at getting done no matter what chaos flows through your life. Exercise can be like that.

  • If traveling for business, I will still get to the gym or do a workout in my room (and yes, 90% of the time, that really is possible).
  • If overworked or stressed, I will exercise before work, after work, or instead of watching television or going on Facebook. Really – there is time.
  • If I experience a nagging injurty that makes beginning an exercise program harder, I will get it checked out by a qualified professional, and get it better so I can exercise as hard as I want and need.

This is how someone who is a regular exerciser thinks. This is how ingrained the pattern to move regularly is. To make the New Year’s Resolution to start exercising is to put this behavioral pattern in your own brain and run with it.

Is that hard? It can be. Want to learn how to make it as easy as possible? Join here.

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