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Q&A With Barb Wagstaff Of Diabetes Advocacy

Meet Barb Wagstaff, Founder of Diabetes Advocacy, Life Coach, Blogger, Facilitator, And Much More!

Barb is also a very busy mother of three, including a teenage son with type 1 diabetes. The parents of type 1’s are truly special people. They have all the responsibilities of regular parents, and at the same time, have to care for their child’s condition while mentoring them to do it for themselves. She is also the founder of Diabetes Advocacy, a site “dedicated to (diabetes) advocacy, awareness, education, and support.”

A very special thanks to Barb for answering these questions!

Question: What is the most challenging day to day part of having a teen with type 1 diabetes?

Barb Wagstaff Of Diabetes Advocacy’s Answer: Getting him to test and accurately measure his food.

Question: You have obviously created very solid patterns in your daily routine that help you care for your son.  As your son is now in his teen’s, have you noticed him taking a greater and greater responsibility for his own health?

Barb Wagstaff Of Diabetes Advocacy’s Answer: Yes…and no.  He does all of his own testing and bolusing. He does his own site changes.  Does he do them as often as his mother would like? Does he have the same concern for detail as I do? NO.  Finding a balance between what Mom feels should be done and what he wants to do is a struggle for both of us. Mom has to learn to let go a bit and son has to learn to step up to the plate.

Question: Do you find your son’s blood sugar stays more stable when he eats fewer carbohydrates, or does it not matter?

Barb Wagstaff Of Diabetes Advocacy’s Answer: My son is a teenaged boy…what is fewer calories??? He eats constantly and eats everything.  We simply work with as accurate carb to insulin ratios as possible and let life be what it is.

Question: Does exercise generally require your son to need more insulin, less insulin, or is there not an obvious pattern between the two?

Barb Wagstaff Of Diabetes Advocacy’s Answer: Exercise tends to mean a reduction of insulin.

Question: Does your son’s blood sugar fluctuate more on days when he is stressed? If so, what steps do you take to help him?

Barb Wagstaff Of Diabetes Advocacy’s Answer: Stress is not something that my son tends to experience. He is very relaxed and let’s very little bother him.  In the past, stress would cause a slight rise.  Battling it tends to be a challenge that is met after the fact…in part because it is so rare.

To learn more about Barb Wagstaff, check out her blog HERE.


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