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Q&A With The Diabetic Diva, Naomi Kingery

Naomi Kingery, aka the The Diabetic Diva, shows a positive outlook on your diabetes can make or break your blood sugar control.

If nothing else, diabetes is full of opportunities to feel helpless and frustrated, but Naomi Kingery, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about 10 years ago, actually loves having diabetes.

As she wrote in one of her blogs here:

My hidden blessings from my diabetes is that it has…

Naomi Kingery, The Diabetic Diva

Naomi Kingery appearing for her book, Sugar Free Me

  • Revealed to me how amazing my support system is in times of need
  • Shown me how to lean on Christ when I can’t do it on my own
  • Introduced me to life long friends that I would have never otherwise met
  • Taught me how much I can accomplish by standing on my own
  • Pushed the boundaries of my comfort zone farther than ever before
  • Challenged me to look at life new new ways
  • Encouraged me to take care of my heart, mind, body and soul
  • Opened my eyes to all that I have been given
  • Made me take each day at a time

That’s pretty different from how most people view their diabetes.

Naomi Kingery is even more succinct with the same message in another of her blogs: “I live my life constantly living with the bitterness of diabetes while finding ways to embrace the sweetness.”

That is what is so special about her, something we can all learn from. Naomi Kingery gave herself the name The Diabetic Diva to share her passion for living life with diabetes. Reflect on the power of that attitude for a minute.

  • It’s that attitude that is going to help Naomi Kingery through her bad days.
  • It’s that attitude that has helped Naomi Kingery learn to manage her disease better.

She puts it so well when you watch her speak on her website what it means to love diabetes.

“It means living your life to the fullest, and accomplishing your dreams not in spite of diabetes, but because of it…”

That is why I am so grateful to Naomi Kingery, the Diabetic Diva, for sharing her story.

How did you learn to love diabetes?

When I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 12 years old, my family and friends supported me in my fragile state and initially were the ones who prompted me to challenge my perspective and look at the upsides of my diagnosis. It was hard, and continues to be hard at times, but I have come to learn that choosing to live to love my diabetes is just that— a choice.

There is so much out of my control, but there is so much in my control too. And making the decision to find ways to not only accept my diabetes but to embrace it, has helped me to find ways to love my diabetes.

Diabetes is full of frustration, especially when your body does exactly what you don’t expect it to do, and you wind up over or under correcting. How do you keep your positive outlook at those times?

Diabetes can be very challenging, and amidst all of my optimism, I will be the first to admit that. I have learned to take things in stride. If my body doesn’t react the way I think it should, or I make a mistake in my diabetes management, then I remind myself to just take a deep breath while knowing there will be plenty of opportunities to make better decisions for my management in the future.

Living with diabetes every day doesn’t mean things will be easy, but it means that we each have the opportunity to just try better next time. And in the meantime, clinging onto my faith in Christ and relying on those that support me are the two things that help me not lose my smile.

Exercise certainly helps you control blood sugar. Does it also support your positive attitude?

It’s a proven fact that exercise can boost mood. I have done yoga since my diagnosis of diabetes eleven years ago to help stabilize my blood sugar, and have found many more benefits from this exercise. Since then, I have branched out to do more things like the treadmill and weight training, and I have found these activities help make me more confident in my diabetes management because I am able to push myself and reach new goals every day. This is a very important and overlooked area of diabetes management, and is an area that I know we can probably all strive to improve in.

To learn more about Naomi Kingery, check out her website, www.livetolovediabetes.com.

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