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The Best Low Calorie Protein Sources

October 17, 2012 by admin in Aaron's Blog with 1 Comment
High Protein Breakfast

My lovely wife’s version of a high protein, low carb breakfast!

There are an amazing number of low calorie protein sources available. Of greatest importance is that the protein source is complete, meaning that it has a full spectrum of amino acids so it can be utilized by the body. This would include any and all protein sources from meat, poultry, fish, soy, and dairy. Beans, nuts, and vegetable sources (except soy) must be eaten in combination with other protein sources to help the dieter maintain muscle while trying to lose weight. Below are my favorites by category.

  • Meat: Sirloin is very lean and flavorful. Shoot for grass fed beef to ensure it’s void of hormones and other additives.
  • Fish: Salmon and other cold water fish have the highest amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids. These are the “good for you” fats found in fish that help with weight loss. They also have a host of other health benefits including improving cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • Poultry: Turkey is the leanest of lean, and tends to taste better than chicken when sliced and eaten without skin.
  • Vegetarian: If vegan, soy is the best option. If you will eat eggs, that is even better, with any and all dairy products above taking second place in front of soy. You can also eat rice with beans to get a complete amino acid spectrum, but watch this combination if you have blood sugar issues.
  • Dairy: Cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, and low fat cheese are all very high quality sources of protein. I advise against milk since it’s high in sugar, and some people are lactose intolerant.
  • Protein Powders: These versatile modern inventions are packed with higher quality protein than found in nature. Most are low carb and come in a variety of flavors to satisfy whatever you’re craving at the moment. The trick is to find one you enjoy, and turn it into a low calorie high protein dessert whenever needed. This is a staple in my personal weight loss regime. I use combinations of low carb protein powders, heavy cream, Stevia, glucommanan fiber, and crushed ice or frozen berries to make any kind of milk shake or pudding I can imagine.

Remember – permanent weight loss is about finding delicious and nutritious foods that you will crave and eat again and again. Above are major ingredients for those meals. Find ways to incorporate them, and make lasting weight loss a reality.

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One Comment

  1. James BrownOctober 19, 2012 at 6:53 am

    I have been supplementing my exercise/diet with Neuropathy Support Formula’s vitamin B-complex (Benfotiamine for B-1) and esp. R Alpha-Lipoic Acid at least four months now. Last PCP visit revealed better liver enzymes; (ALT, AST) #’s were down, then my doctor told me he was very proud of my progress in getting control of my diabetes, (type ll). Thanks for the spoiler alert! I feel better noiw, too. James B. Kenedy, TX

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