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Q&A: Berry Lowest In Carbs?

Question: What’s the berry that’s lowest in carbs?

Answer: It’s a decent question. It suggests the person likes berries but is watching their carbs. The short answer is strawberries, having a little under 3 grams of digestable carbs per 50 gram serving.

Now here’s what people fail to realize.

What if the person asking normally has a candy bar for a mid-morning snack every day? And what if they only feel so-so about strawberries, but absolutely love blueberries, which have around 15 grams of sugar for an equivalent 50 gram serving?

They’d be willing to drop the candy bar in favor of blueberries, but don’t feel the same way about strawberries, even though they are lower in carbs. Would you honestly tell someone who is willing to trade eating a candy bar for a cup of blueberries not to do it because strawberries are lower in carbs?

Heck no!

This is a perfect example of why there is no such thing as a perfect diet. Perfection implies better than all other diets in all ways. A diet that causes weight loss is also a misnomer.

For example,I can get a diabetic who wants to lose 100 pounds drop the first 20 by making a few simple diet switches like blueberries over candy bars.

All of a sudden, my blueberry snack diet is now a weight loss diet.

Now fast forward 50 pounds from now, when our diabetic friend has eliminated nearly all refined carbs and simple sugars from their diet, and now cannot lose any more weight because they are eating too many simple sugars in the form of blueberries and other fruits.

All of a sudden, my blueberry and fruit snack diet is keeping this insulin resistant diabetic from losing any more weight.

What was a weight loss diet for this poor soul is now preventing further weight loss!

Let’s now reassess their diet.

Our diabetic friend was swapping blueberries for candy at mid-morning, 2 apples for a doughnut at mid-afternoon, and 1 cantaloupe for 2 cups of ice cream at dinner. That’s still over 100 grams of sugar and 400 calories from fruit each day, but it beats the old total of 800 calories and 150 grams of sugar!

Again, there is no such thing as perfection – what we have here is someone who is making far better choices than what they were doing. And those better choices helped them lose 50 pounds, but they are now preventing them from losing the next 50. What’s the answer?

  1. Our diabetic friend swaps a quarter cup of the blueberries for a quarter cup of non-fat cottage cheese and sprinkles some Stevia for mid-morning. They found an instant new favorite snack.
  2. In the afternoon, they switch out the apples for some string cheese or nuts.
  3. In the evening, they replace the cantaloupe with some lower in sugar cherries and strawberries.
  4. And they lose another 10 pounds in 6 weeks.

What’s the lesson here?

  1. If you can simply make better choices than the ones you are making now, even if they are not “perfect” in someone’s mind, you’ll lose weight.
  2. After a while, you will have lost all the weight you possibly can by making those choices. In fact, what was helping you may now may (or may not) be preventing you from losing more weight. With your greatest weight loss obstacle conquered, you must now go after your second greatest weight loss obstacle to repeat the weight loss process.
  3. And then the third.
  4. And then the fourth.
  5. Wash, rinse, and repeat. It’s that easy.

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