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Exercise Of The Week

One-Legged Deadlift

NOTE: This is an advanced exercise. If you do not yet feel coordinated enough to perform it, skip it for now.

Begin by holding dumbbell in both hands. Now stand on one foot, and as the video shows, begin the movement by kicking the opposite leg further and further back behind you. Do not think “bend over.” Instead, think “kick the back leg further and further back, and that action makes me bend over.” Even better, initiate that kicking back of the leg by squeezing the glute muscles on that side. Let your knee on the leg that is planted into the ground bend slightly as you fold over from the hips, not the lower back.

Continue to lower, but stop right before you feel your lower back rounding. Cut the range of motion off before this point. Only go as low on these as you can still maintain the arch in your lower back. You’ll know you’re doing the movement correctly when you feel your hamstrings stretching as you lower the weight, and your glutes contracting with an arched back. Choose a weight you can do for at least 8 reps before switching sides.

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