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Exercise Of The Week

Kettlebell Swings & Squats

This is a great workout to lose fat while learning to swing and squat.

Start with one of the 3 variations of the squat I show for 8 reps.
– The bodyweight box squat is the simplest. If you can’t go as low as I do, start with a higher box or chair.
– The kettlebell goblet squat is the next hardest. If you can do this movement where your hips break parallel without rounding your lower back, by all means go for it.
– If you could do the goblet squat with ease, add the twist where I push the kettlebell out and hold it for 2 seconds as I do. Think of it as a squat plus a plank for your core. So long as you keep your lower back arched, your good.

Immediately go to 8 reps of the kettlebell deadlift next. Keep the lower back arched as you push the hips back.

Next, move onto the towel swing for 8 to 20 reps. The extra degree of freedom created by the towel forces you to learn to use your hips to drive the kettlebell instead of your lower back.

When you have this version down, go for the standard two hand swing, and once you can do that with ease, do the hand to hand swing as shown last.

So the total workout looks like this:

8 reps of a squat
8 reps of a deadlift
8 to 20 reps of a swing.

Rest as little as possible, do 3 to 5 rounds, and you’re golden.

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