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October 13, 2011 by admin in Cooking Tips & Diet Tricks with 0 Comments

Stop viewing diabetics as sick people trying to get healthy.

Instead see them as injured athletes training to become

healthy as quickly as possible to rejoin the game of life.


The motivation and expectation to excel must be on par with an injured athlete with a $10 million contract on the line.

Because the true value of what’s at stake is even more than that – it’s their life.

Like injured athletes, anyone with type 2 diabetes needs to be eating healthy.

Like injured athletes, they need specific exercises for weight loss and recipes built around fat burning foods.

To even perform those exercises, diabetics need to fuel themselves with healthy meals and healthy snacks, packed with nutrition.

The injured athlete mindset is powerful enough to motivate the sustained weight loss needed to recover from type 2 diabetes.

It’s enough to go from being diabetic with obesity to diabetic but healthy with little to no belly fat.

There’s no motivation to change if we set the bar too low. Even if a diabetic strives to lose 100 pounds in a year but only achieves a 60 pounds fat loss, they’ll have better blood sugar, need less diabetes medication, and have less toxin spewing belly fat.


Check out the differences below for yourself. YOU can be either of these people.

Overweight Folks With Diabetes Who Are Treated As “Sick”

Formerly Overweight Folks With Diabetes Who Have “Recovered From Their Injury”

Are always hungry

Are rarely hungry

Never have enough protein in their diet plan

Always include enough protein in their diet plan

Have large dinners and small breakfasts

Pair small dinners with large breakfasts in their diet plan

Exercise very little or at a low intensity

Exercise briefly, but intensely, and don’t spend their lives in the gym

Are tired

Are full of energy

Don’t sleep enough

Get enough sleep

Gain fat around holidays

Are back to their normal weight within a week after the holidays

Constantly crave junk food and rarely eat healthy foods

Crave healthy foods and wonder how they ever liked fast food

Don’t know how to cook delicious healthy meals

Know hundreds of diet recipes for delicious healthy meals

Love Dessert

Still love dessert and still eat it, but avoid the combination of fat and sugar the rest of the time

Feel guilty about their appearance and health, and hate the way they look

Feel care free about their appearance and health, and love the way they look

Are unsure what healthy foods really are

Know the affect a food has on their bodies, and make the right the choice 90% of the time

Fall off their diet when “something comes up”

Work around the “something”

Heat frozen meals in a microwave

Cook most of their meals

Have other commitments besides their health like children, spouses, work, and friends

Have all that, manage it better, and make time to take care of themselves as well

The New Diabetes Prescription was created with the injured athlete framework in mind. Its principles have been instilled in this club. Here, we have all the tools to help you stabilize blood sugar and banish belly fat using delicious healthy meals built around fat burning foods. We’re your coaches, and we expect each of our injured players to do their best with what we offer you to control your type 2 diabetes.

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